Wednesday, April 8, 2009



To Keep The Heart Closed To Goodness
Is to Keep Love Away From Life
Life Is All About Love
And Love Is What Keeps Life Going
A Closed Heart And A Dead Man
Are All But Forgotten
Love Is THe Feeling Which Gives
Happiness From WIthin
Love Is WHat Moves The Soul ANd Stirs The Mind
Love I SpecialAnd Divine
Love Is THe Strength For Achievement
Love Is the Reason for Devotion and Dedication
My Love For You Is What Makes
Me Special to You ANd YOu To ME
We Came Together Not By Chance
But By Love
Destined To Happen
For Love is Life And LIfe Is All About Love
Tekan Like, ok ;)

1 comment:

  1. love is around
    love bring happiness
    why there still cry of pain besides or between
    love can bring destruction is that so??
    why all crazes about love like they enjoying
    love is about strength is that so??
    why love is just like dope that can make us down weak n useless
    love is good thing why some miss this opportunity,
    is the one with love is so hard to give love
    just because they no the type or kind that we want to be with..
    so what kind of love really are u giving...
    i think maybe u kind of choosing kind person..ooppss sori correct me if im wrong...
    anyway i like to debate so you are welcome


komeN je La...

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